About Us

Who are we?

Founded by Rakesh Rathi, Insure Efficient is run by a team of insurance experts with decades of experience working with leading insurance companies across India such as Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Ltd., Reliance General Insurance Ltd. and Birla Sun Life Insurance, among others. Our experts bring with them a rich experience working in financial and strategic planning, taxation and accounting, business management, leadership and customer relationship management.

Insure Efficient is on a mission to create innovative solutions that will mitigate financial risks that our clients face while dealing with life’s biggest challenges.

Our purpose

Insure Efficient aims to be the one-stop solution to compare and buy the best insurance policies online instantly. Be it automobile insurance, health insurance, travel insurance or life insurance, we’ve got you covered.

What matters to us?

At Insure Efficient, we truly care about our clients and want them to be prepared financially to face major challenges in life -- from an accident to a life-altering illness. Unless your family is well-off, such events can lead to a major financial setback that will affect the lives of your loved ones.

While there are several insurance services available online, many of them provide services that are misleading, confusing and sometimes, completely unnecessary. At Insure Efficient, we truly believe that the clients have an absolute right to completely understand their options, assess their needs and choose a policy that best serves their interests, and not that the economic interests of the policy provider.

Our vision is to provide optimum value to our clients at the most competitive price in a fair and transparent manner. Our team of insurance experts and specialists works hard to help clients -

We truly care about securing our clients financially to defy financial uncertainties in their future and live their lives without any worries.

" Meet Our Simplified EFFICIENT Leaders "

Rakesh Rathi

Rakesh Rathi

Managing Director & CEO