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Insure your LVED Ones from critical illness

Sedentary and fast-paced lifestyles have increased the risk of people suffering from critical illnesses such as cancer or heart attack. Treating such life-threatening and debilitating conditions is expensive and can drain your entire life savings. Critical illness insurance guarantees financial security and ensures that you can afford costly medical procedures and medicines.

Critical Illness Insurance

Why should you get critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance pays a fixed amount in a single transaction that covers all of your medical treatment expenses such as hospitalisation, medical care and treatment and recuperation. You should consider getting critical illness insurance as it:

How to determine your critical illness insurance coverage needs?

A critical illness can cost you a lot more than you can afford. Ensuring that you choose a policy that covers your needs and doesn’t leave you underinsured is crucial. Consult with your family doctor to clarify any doubts you might have.

Here are some key factors to help you determine your critical insurance coverage needs:

Understand what each policy has to offer and what's excluded from the coverage before making a decision. Insure Efficient can help you make insurance comparisons and choose from a wide variety of quotes from the top insurance providers in India. Simply tell us about your requirements and tap into our resources to choose the right policy.